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Our objective for livelihoods is not only to help enhance income of poor women by supporting livelihood opportunities but our aim is to providing dependable income, self-reliance, and even safety, to them and their children. To reach above goal, we adopted strategies of organizing the community in to groups, building capacities, trainings and seed capital support.

Livelihoods Improvement Programme Through Management Of NTFP’s’ In Partnership With The Mangrove Foundation- Luxemburg.


The main reasons for above problem:

  • They are being cheated by local traders on weights and measures.
  • Practice of barter system.
  • Lack of skills on value addition of their products.

To improve food security of above indigenous women, the Holy cross Organization has been implementing Livelihoods improvement programme.

Objectives of the project:

  • Promotion of positive self esteem among the poor indigenous women and build groups to develop a collective voice.
  • Provide required trainings on value addition and processing of NTFP’s.
  • Ensure improved sustainable forest governance.

The strategies of the project:

  • Formation of NTFP’s collectors committees, bringing indigenous women in to groups, making them better able to negotiate with buyers, demand their rights to a fair price. They will be trained on improved forest management principals.
  • Training on business skills and fair trade, as well as proper NTFP processing to add value (cleaning, grading, drying, processing, packing and branding).



Agriculture and allied activities provide livelihoods for nearly 50% of India’s population. This is primarily why our Natural Resources Management (NRM) intervention strives to help farmers preserve resources and create livelihood options. Our work as an NGO in environmental conservation has led us to focus on water, organic farming and climate change too. With kind support from IGSSS- New Delhi, HCSSS has initiated project on Sustainable agriculture to improve crop yield and to ensure ecological balances through promotion of organic farming and bio waste utilization.


With kind support from DWSG-The Netherlands, HCSSS has initiated project on alternative livelihood options to improve the economic condition of the poor indigenous women by providing milk cattle