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HCSSS has an active board consisting of four women and three men elected by the general body of the Organization. All the Board members are interested in development work and participate actively in the management of HCSSS. The Board members meets once in every 1-2 months interval. The Board discusses on all the matters as to review of working of different projects, Taking-up of new projects, financial status of the organization and any other activity that needs the attention. The decision of the Board on any matter is taken unanimously through a resolution passed in the meeting itself. Holy Cross is maintaining high transparency standards and disclosures.

The board of Holy Cross organization is the ultimate authority of the organization and is predominantly served by Project director and volunteers- people who give of their skills and time. The mission of the board is bring Holy Cross Organization as most credible, responsive to the need of the community in concern, democratic, transparent in its functioning and accountable of all concerned.