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Holy Cross Social Service Society is a non-profit, secular NGO committed to advocating for the well-being and improving the life conditions of disadvantaged communities, particularly the Savara and Jatapu indigenous groups in Andhra and Odisha border villages of southeast India.

Our vision is a society where women and girls have the autonomy to make choices, meet their needs and aspirations, and lead self-reliant, sustainable lives with dignity.


Our mission is to facilitate behavioral, social, and economic transformation among girls and women through community-based education, health, sustainable livelihood solutions, and Climate change. 


    • Empowering the poor by offering services to give minimum access to development.
    • Streamlining the holistic development of the poor and vulnerable in the society that are leading hand to mouth and precarious living conditions
    • To motivate and educate the masses about their development and to prepare them to tap all resources meant for them.
    • To foster the development of women, children, and disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable groups.