Every child deserves an education, regardless of gender, caste, religion, or economic status. Yet, in India, millions of girls face barriers to accessing quality education. This perpetuates a significant gap in literacy rates and denies them opportunities for personal and societal advancement.
The Challenge:
Factors like poverty, gender bias, child marriage, violence, and insufficient resources hinder girls' education in India. This results in profound consequences for their health, well-being, and prospects, perpetuating cycles of inequality.

Strategic Approach:

At Holy Cross Social Service Society, we're dedicated to breaking down these barriers. Through collaboration with government initiatives and targeted projects like out-of-school time education, we strive to ensure that every girl has access to quality education and the support she needs to thrive. Join us in empowering girls to become leaders and catalysts for community change.

Our Initiative: Out-Of-School Time Education Programme For Girl Children.


GLOW Clubs

Our GLOW Club, in collaboration with Global GLOW, USA, empowers girls in marginalized communities in the Parvathipuram Manyam District of South India. Through hands-on activities focused on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, confidence-building, and amplifying voices, we aim to create a lasting impact beyond regular school hours. Local mentors, deeply rooted in their communities, play a central role in guiding and supporting the girls on their transformative journey.


These mentors, drawn from the same neighborhoods as the girls they guide, offer invaluable firsthand experience and understanding, allowing them to tailor the curriculum to address the unique challenges and cultural nuances within their communities. With their profound insight into local dynamics, mentors stand as steadfast allies, supporting girls in navigating societal obstacles and realizing their full potential. The curriculum of the GLOW Club program encompasses essential themes such as self-expression, decision-making, sexual and reproductive health, and entrepreneurship.


Through dynamic modules and interactive discussions, girls sharpen their ability to advocate for themselves and others, cultivate social awareness, and make responsible decisions. They discover the transformative power of storytelling as a means of empowerment and gain the knowledge and confidence needed to carve out their paths in life. Participation in GLOW Club programs extends beyond individual growth; it fosters a ripple effect of positive change within communities. By nurturing girls as catalysts for transformation, GLOW Clubs cultivate leadership, collaboration, and social responsibility, thereby fortifying communities and paving the way toward a future characterized by inclusivity and opportunity for all.



Seasonal Hostel for children of poor rural and tribal families that migrate seasonally to earn a subsistence living. Because children accompany their parents (father and mother), they drop out of village school. This phenomenon of distressed seasonal migration was highly neglected in our target area. The program, with kind support from SSA,The Govt. of AP, has covered over 50 families in multiple migration sectors by providing food and shelter for their children to continue their education.


One of the challenges among children of Indigenous communities in our target area is that they drop out of the school system at a lower primary grade. This is mainly due to low learning outcomes at the primary level and weak foundation skills in subjects. Holy Cross Social Service Society has initiated the Academic support program with kind support from the Vista Hermosa Foundation (USA) to provide education and study materials to the above children.


The project aimed to impart basic and functional literacy to illiterate indigenous women. This was achieved by organizing night schools for women with kind support from SLCW- Switzerland and APMSS- Govt. of India, now they are capable of organizing SHGs successfully.


With kind support from MSME, Govt. of India, and Yak Foundation (The Netherlands), we organized vocational training on fashion designing and computers for underprivileged adolescent girls and low-literate youth. This project aims to impart education and skill development to children, youth, and women so they can live a life of dignity and respect.