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    Legal status of Holy Cross Social Service Society:

    Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 bearing the No. 188/1995.

    Registered under Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India under FCRA.

    HCSSS has taxation exemption through 12A of the Indian Income Tax Act.

    Provision of PAN



    Equity: Holy Cross Social Service Society seeks to reduce the disparity in the world by empowering and skill-building.

    Human Dignity & Well-being: All human beings should be treated equally without discrimination based on race. 

    Self-Sustenance of Community: If humanity is to tackle the problems of a growing global population, increased urbanization,

    Partnership: Holy Cross Social Service Society strongly feels that promoting participation and collaboration among various stakeholders.

    Accountability & Transparency: Holy Cross Social Service Society is proud of being accountable and Transparent in its approach to all its stakeholders

    Empanelment with Government: Holy Cross Social Service Society has always been at the forefront of the social development sector.